Switching Tracks

February 2023

Over the past year, the Roundhouse Workshop has begun to shift focus away from building reproduction railroad cars. It was a dream come true to build Lucy the Caboose and the Boxcar Pub (as well as others, now in private hands). It brought together things we love - trains, historic building construction, quality details, homes-on-wheels, nostalgia.

As we built and then lived alongside these unique structures, we became attached. We also saw that while everyone loved the product, it was not practical for the vast majority to own one of their own. It became apparent that it was time to switch tracks - we would keep the railcars and share them via rental opportunities. This way we and many others can share the experience of these truly fun buildings.

The Roundhouse Workshop now has two main lines:

  • Renting our unique Cabin Caboose and Boxcar Pub - Stay tuned, as our rental options will continue to grow.
  • Property maintenance and consulting - We work with residential properties, seasonal homes, travel trailers/campers, tiny houses, railroad cars, tree houses and more.

We are based in and primarily service the capital region of New Hampshire. We are also available to travel for consults if you need the particular expertise we offer.

We appreciate all of you who have supported and encouraged us along this journey. We hope you will continue to follow us down the lines we now travel.


Chi Hofe

Principal, Roundhouse Workshop

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