Reproduction Railroad Cars for Tiny Houses? We do that. And more.

Reproduction Railroad Cars for Tiny Houses? We do that. And more.

At the Roundhouse Workshop, we build custom structures on wheels that look like 19th century railroad cars. Our mobile buildings are custom made to fit your needs -- tiny house, lakeside cabin, mobile retail shop, backyard office, home studio, guest house and more.

Our reproduction railroad cars are constructed on road-legal trailers, 16’ to 30’ long. They can be pulled by a 3/4 to 1-ton pickup.

These are truly unique heirloom-quality items. We build these cars the way the railroads built their freight cars in the 19th century -- built to last. These are timber-framed and full of modern amenities. We only build a handful every year and each is customized for its owner, using quality materials, time-tested methods and a high level of craftsmanship.

These two photos show a 30' tiny house Boxcar we built. It has a queen bed, built-in kitchen and 3/4 bath. This tiny house is climate and moisture controlled with a mini-split unit, screened double-pane windows, and sheep wool insulation (R13). It has RV-style setups for electric (50amp), water, and sewage hookups (and could also have holding tanks).


A peek inside the walls shows our locally-sourced and milled hemlock timbers, sheep's wool insulation, and mortise-and-tenon joinery.

Our builds can serve a number of uses beyond tiny house.  Some examples are below. All of our "tiny house" style builds will be NOAH certified.

Guest house / airbnb / cabin in the woods or by the lake

A 16' caboose model with bedroom cupola (see more photos here)

Backyard entertaining

The interior of one of our 24' boxcar models set up as a pub (more photos here)

Home or Mobile Office or Studio

Interior of a 16' caboose model, set up as office space

Mobile Retail

Sell your wares at markets all over your region from a crowd-drawing 16' caboose model like this. (tour this model on YouTube)


Our reproduction railroad car builds start at $70,000. We can build you a boxcar/caboose shell on a trailer, a fully-decked out tiny house/office inside and out, or any stage in between. They are about 7.5' wide (inside) and range from 16' - 30' long. Limited availability. We only build a couple of these each year. Contact us to start planning yours.

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