Property Maintenance Management

At the Roundhouse Workshop, we have a lot of experience and knowledge across many of the building trades. As Property Maintenance Managers, we offer a watchful eye over your property - your home, seasonal cabin, travel trailer/camper, etc.

We'll pay attention to and address the needs of your property for you.

  • Evaluation surveys giving your property a check-up it probably hasn’t had since you were in escrow

  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and inspection - we’ll come once a year to give your property a once-over

  • Seasonal home opening and closing, checking on it while you're away

  • Repairs and upgrades - we specialize in structural integrity and rot mitigation

  • Workshop projects like furniture repair

  • In-home projects like custom shelving, appliance repair, or just fixing that rattling door knob that has annoyed you for years!

  • Larger projects such as new decks, bath/kitchen renovations, closet upgrades - we can offer consult before you hire a contractor or sometimes take on the work ourselves

  • Consulting Services - Not sure what you are looking at? Feel like you are being taken advantage of or are in over your head? Want to brainstorm a renovation? Before spending big bucks, give us a call.

  • Before you buy that Tiny House or Camper - Want some experienced eyes on the trailer you’re thinking of buying? We know all about the special needs of buildings-on-wheels, and the possibilities for renovating them.

We offer all of these services locally (central NH), but when it comes to specialty items like tiny houses and railroad equipment, we can travel wherever you need us!