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Custom Roundhouse Workshop Railroad-Style Step Box Stool

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Our railroad style step boxes are hand built by and custom designed for The Roundhouse Workshop. They are not available anywhere else. Painted our signature "boxcar red" and with the vintage flair we use for all our builds, these Step Boxes are unique and nostalgic -- but also very useful.
   They stand ~9" high with ~15"x17" step surface (base is ~18.5" square). The Roundhouse Workshop logo is carved into the wood on one side only. There are handle holds on two sides. They have no-slip strips on the step surface. The feet have rubber pads. These are made of wood with metal-reinforced corners for extra stability.
   If you are interested in a step box with your own logo (screenprint or carved), contact us (bulk orders only, 9+).
   Hand crafted in USA.